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Cardinal Cryptography Moves to Krakow Technology Park

Antoni Zolciak


Jul 12, 2021

2 min read

With support from the Krakow Technology Park, Cardinal Cryptography will be able to grow faster and help popularize modern cryptography and distributed ledger technology development.

The mission of Krakow Technology Park is to further regional development both by creating conditions for the development of high technologies and the transfer of knowledge from universities to business, and by building the competitive edge of the industry. The institution is a joint venture of the State Treasury, Krakow municipality, Malopolska region, Jagiellonian University, Technical University of Krakow, AGH University of Science and Technology, and Mittal Steel Poland S.A.

Lobby at the Krakow Technology Park at Podole 60 street © Krakow Technology Park

The above definitely sounds like a good fit for Cardinal Cryptography—which is why we are happy to call Krakow Technology Park (KPT) our new home. We’re also joining the KPTs incubator for innovative, fast-growing startups.

The Park is located close to Krakow’s academic and scientific centres which ensure direct participation of the research and development staff—as well as students. With our own blockchain-focused university course held at Jagiellonian University (ranked as #1 in Poland in 2021), we hope to become one of the leading entities in deep technology innovations; the first one being Aleph Zero, a fundamentals-focused project that we’ve begun back in 2018.

We’re looking forward to collaborating with other incubated companies, as well as furthering our mission and promoting modern cryptography within the Krakow technology ecosystem.

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