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Cardinal Cryptography Named "Startup of the Year" by the Krakow Technological Park

Alex Bączkowski

Content Writer

Oct 1, 2021

1 min read

We’re grateful to Krakow Technology Park for the Startup of the Year recognition. It means a lot to the entire team and is definite proof that hard work pays off!

The team behind Aleph Zero and Cardinal Cryptography is on a roll as we enter the final quarter of 2021. Besides being on the cusp of our long-awaited public sale, we have also witnessed an incredible outpouring of community support and institutional validation. This validation has come in the form of being named “Startup of the Year” by the Krakow Technological Park (KPT). 

The Krakow Technological Park (KPT) is a special economic zone in Krakow, created to encourage innovation and progressive business practices. The ongoing support of the KPT for Cardinal Cryptography and our blockchain protocol Aleph Zero is something that we cherish deeply. We hope to continue this fruitful partnership. We would like to thank KPT for the honor, and we are certain that we will continue to deliver rigorous scientific research and innovation to our community.

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