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About Cardinal

It starts with science

Cardinal is a venture studio and a consulting company like no other.

Developing blockchain, defi, Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) & metaverse systems, we go deeper than tech. We create the science behind it. 

With innovation-driven engineers, mathematicians, marketers, and designers– we are no middleman software house. We ideate, build, and launch.

Join us in creating bespoke cryptography solutions & revolutionary custom applications of the Aleph Zero blockchain. As its core developers, we know what we're doing.

About Aleph Zero

The big picture

The flagship project of Cardinal is Aleph Zero–a ground-breaking layer 1 blockchain that is based on a novel, peer-reviewed consensus protocol, ZK-SNARKs and sMPC. Benefits? Instant finality, enterprise-grade scalability and transparent privacy.

As intriguing as the technology itself can be, it's the idea that matters the most.

Aleph Zero’s purpose is to become a future-proof digital economy toolkit serving businesses, institutions, governments, and regular users.

Our vision is to provide stunning tools for people to build the next foundation of the Internet. We want to free the tech community from inefficient solutions that lack real value.

What we offer

Let’s make it real

So you have an idea for a custom application of Aleph Zero? You came to the right place.

We specialize in projects in the fields of DeFi, FinTech, Sustainability, Internet of Things, Supply Chain, Healthcare, Trading, Banking, and Cybersecurity.

As the authors of Aleph Zero, we will help you nail your technology design, or provide you with a dedicated software development team. But that’s just the beginning.

Together we will figure out your project economy design and secure the financing of your initiative. With our marketing team on the case and a proper introduction to the Aleph Zero community – you can expect your product to catch the eye of all the right people.

Our work

What we are proud of

While obsessed with novel technologies, we remain dedicated to maintaining the highest scientific standards. First we do the math, then the tech. But the real satisfaction comes from seeing it all work.

The team

Nice to meet you!

Machine learning algorithms aside, we’re all human.

Over 40 beautiful minds now.

Among us, you will find a Simons-Berkeley Research Fellow, a first prize winner of the International Mathematics Competition, and a finalist of ACM ICPC – the world’s most prestigious programming contest.

Our business-oriented teams gained experience at organizations such as IBM, ABB, Stellar, Codewise, Capgemini, ING Bank, Admind Agency, TIBCO Software, Google, Uber, or Riverbed Technology.

But honestly? It is now that we all feel like we’re onto something. We truly believe that the future is decentralized. And we are her to make it happen. 

With you.

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