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Mateusz Raczyński

Marketing Manager

May 1, 2020

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Blockchain has made it to the mainstream. Almost all major companies are researching and developing distributed ledger solutions while governments are looking for ways of regulating this disruptive technology.

Digital assets seem to represent a large chunk of the market but only in the accompaniment of spectacular price performance. We’ve seen that if the prices are rather leveled, the whole market gets way less attention.

All the known tech buzzwords: big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, internet of things–are considered as technologies of the future but they are right here, right now. 

Look Around. The Technology Is Already a Large Part of Our Lives.

We already have IoT factories. Machine learning algorithms power many platforms and devices we use today–from social media networks to smartphones–try typing “dog” in image search on your iPhone and you’ll get all the dog photos you’ve ever made. That’s purely an effect of machine learning used to allow computers to recognize images based on some patterns.

Based on all that, it’s easy to predict how the future will look like. All these technologies have already proven to bring major benefits in so many cases but many businesses still find them challenging to incorporate. With so much room for growth, in the near future, we’ll witness people achieving their goals with the support of new tech.


There will be no future.

Fighting for Tomorrow

It’s easy to be short-sighted. Actually, we’re wired for short-term benefits as according to George Ainslie’s extensive research, people almost always choose 50 bucks now over $100 in the future. It’s called “hyperbolic discounting”.

That’s what happened during the last century. That’s what’s happening still. And although we can’t do it as humans, scientific models predict the future with a decent level of certainty. The future is not bright.

We have two major challenges. One is that growth is no longer optional for our economics. It’s a necessity. If the economy slows down–meaning it still grows, but at a slower pace, the markets collapse. The other problem is that with that constant growth, we’ve exploited our planet to a level where we’re on the brink of an environmental catastrophe.

How to maintain that growth but keep Earth habitable for future generations? More importantly, how to do that and contribute to the beautiful idea of Sustainable Development Goals which, among others, aim to achieve no poverty and zero hunger by 2030?

We can only do it by a global, collective effort, developing our companies, products, and management processes to their maximum potential for efficiency and sustainability, everywhere in the world. Technology can play a major role in this undertaking.

We can go beyond human limits and use our newest accomplishments for the greater good.

The Middle: Cardinal Cryptography

We’re somewhere in between. We are the experts when it comes to developing technology and bringing it to the market but at the same time–we want to contribute to the fight for our World. We want to be remembered as those who played their part in the global effort towards sustainability.

This is our mission.

On our blog you’ll find our opinions and ideas on sustainability and saving the planet with technology but as we really like science – you’ll also get to know many fun concepts. 

Here, you’ll find our opinions and advice on anything that falls into that idea–to save the planet with technology.

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