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Cardinal Cryptography Recognized by Krakow Technology Park

Antoni Zolciak


Aug 26, 2021

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Our hard work in fostering a creative atmosphere in our hometown of Krakow has been recognized by the Krakow Technology Park.

Cardinal Cryptography is the parent company behind the novel blockchain platform, Aleph Zero. The project is determined to solve the most pertinent problems that stand in the way of global Distributed Ledger Technologies adoption. This “holy grail” of blockchain technology includes combining superior scalability, speed, and security, which will allow the use of blockchain technology across countless sectors. The world-class team developing this solution includes such brilliant minds as Adam Gagol, Matthew Niemerg, and Michal Swietek. They stress the scientific nature of blockchain development and have ensured that every step of the development of the protocol undergoes strict peer review. The scientifically minded side of the team is rounded out by Antoni Zolciak, who is responsible for creating a community of supporters connected with the blockchain scene and introducing the idea to new investors who are inclined to venture into this promising field. 

Recently, the team has been recognized by the Krakow Technology Park, a special economic zone in the city of Krakow that is a hotbed for innovative products. The project’s scientific rigor and economic potential have drawn attention to the hard work being carried out by Cardinal Cryptography. It is always an honor to be recognized in one’s hometown, especially when considering that the blockchain space is a fledgling market in Poland. We would like to sincerely thank the Krakow Technology Park for the opportunity to develop our vision of blockchain technology. 

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