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Cardinal Cryptography Completes its First Milestone as Member of the Parity Substrate Builders Program

Alex Bączkowski

Content Writer

Nov 30, 2021

2 min read

The Parity Substrate Builders Program has recognized that Cardinal Cryptography, the team responsible for the core development of Aleph Zero, accomplished its first milestone. We are immensely proud and grateful to the Substrate Builders Program for putting faith in our Aleph Zero technology.

As a member of the Parity Substrate Builders Program (SBP), Cardinal Cryptography is dedicated to building a novel, proof-of-stake public blockchain that merges an original consensus protocol built on Substrate with state-of-the-art privacy measures based on a unique combination of ZK-SNARKs and sMPCs. Recently, Cardinal Cryptography has just completed its first milestone! The milestone included the following achievements: 

  • AlephBFT: the team completed the first version of the Aleph Byzantine-fault-tolerant consensus protocol. It is important to note that even this early version of the consensus protocol offers a safe, fast consensus implementation with network optimizations that are secure in partially synchronous networks.
  • Aleph Finality Gadget: the second goal was an integration of AlephBFT into Substrate and building a novel finality gadget that could be a replacement for the default finality gadget in Substrate
  • Aleph Node, Testnet, and Mainnet: The ultimate target of this milestone encompassed the successful implementation of the Aleph Node built on Substrate and creating a functional testnet and mainnet with subsecond block times.

“We’re very grateful for the constant support and help on our way to the first milestone in the SBP. The help was way bigger and diverse than we anticipated, ranging from the tech support with code reviews, infrastructure support with DevOps deployment guidelines, and community support with tech talks to name a few.” 

Michał Świętek, Co-founder, CPO 

We are not accustomed to resting on our laurels, so rest assured that we are keen to achieve our second milestone sooner rather than later. The quote above from Aleph Zero’s Michał Świętek reiterates how important the ongoing support of the Substrate Builders Program is for us and cannot wait to deliver the next features of our novel Aleph Zero Layer 1 solution.

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